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How to Buy the Great Leather Drumstick Bag™

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The Great Leather Drum Stick Bag is only $259 - purchase today!

Each Great Leather Drumstick Bag™ is custom made to order by hand. Please allow two to three weeks to ship. The order form has color choices and a place where you can fill in your name for the name tag.

Great Leather Drumstick Bags™ come in several colors.
Forest Green is a favorite!

(The Great Leather Drumstick Bag™ comes in black, brown, wine, and forest green!)

Left: The Drumstick Bag in Forest Green; Right: in Black

The Great Leather Drumstick Bag s a sturdy all leather custom stickbag for drumsticks, mallets, and other percussion and drum kit accessories. One large divided pocket on the inside easily holds twelve pair of drumsticks, and has a small pocket for pencils so the drummer can make his or her notations on their music sheets or staff paper. There are two outside pockets for carrying a drum key, drumstick wax, stick or finger tape, cymbal polish, and other miscellaneous drummer necessities.

The Great Leather Drum Stick Bag is only $259 - purchase today!