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Great Drummers use Great Leather Drumstick Bags™! Featured here are some of Great Leather's™ drummers with their personalized stickbags. Left to right are Johnny Rabb - World's Fastest Drummer record holder. Sean Deel - Nashville studio session player, live performance musician, and owner of the hot new Grind It Out clothing brand. Rich Redmond - drummer for Jason Aldean (2018 ACM Entertainer of the Year Award winner), Nashville session player, producer of the Crash Course for Success (sponsored by SABIAN), and Modern Drummer Magazine contributor. Jason Schmidt - drummer for Brian Davis, Lindsay Ell, and blogger for Modern Drummer Magazine.

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The one and only Great Leather Drumstick Bag™

Drumstick Bag front view

The Great Leather Drumstick Bag™ comes in black, brown, wine, and forest green! This customized stickbag is hand cut and sewn in the USA out of full topgrain aniline leather for an elegant feel and durable wear. It comes personalized with a laser-cut leather label bearing the drummers name. One of Great Leather's musician accessories, this particular percussion accessory was designed by a drummer for the professional drummer. Great Leather™ builds Leathergoods to Love and Last™!


The Great Leather Drum Stick Bag is only $259 - purchase today!

Leather Drum Stick Bag Videos

The following videos are unsolicited reviews of the Great Leather Drum Stick Bag. Thanks to Emile de Leon of Temple Sounds—he loved it, and think you will, too!

Nov 10, 2011

Mar 20, 2009

New tom protectors from Great Leather™!

These tie to that first rack tom to help prevent scratches and chips caused by the snare drum hitting it during a performance or set up

Approximately 6 x 6" Black in stock. Call for colors or a different size.

Can be cut out of the same leather as your Great Leather Drumstick Bag, to match.

Special applique's, patches can be put on for a small charge.

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